23 Aug 2013

Do you feel out of balance?

If you’ve been to your GP recently for a routine health check, your Doctor will most likely have taken your blood pressure and ordered blood testing for glucose and cholesterol, kidney function etc. as well as checking for various cancers.   These are standard tests and good information you should be aware of, but wouldn’t you like to get a 24 hour picture of physiological measurements showing work, leisure, sleep, energy, how stress is impacting on you and if you are recovering sufficiently during sleep.  Low HRV is a marker for serious health issues such as heart disease, cancer and chronic illnesses like diabetes and auto-immune diseases and is indicative of your risk of future events.

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a non-invasive technology measuring nervous system health that provides vital information revealing the link between your lifestyle and well-being.  HRV assessments provide a marker of physiological resilience and behavioural flexibility.

HRV Monitor

This sophisticated medical device is capable of monitoring an individual’s HRV over a period of time.   Data is then transmitted to HeartMath® USA for analysis and comprehensive reporting, which is then provided to Elite Health, allowing us to target areas of concern when working with our clients.   A 24 hour monitor is sufficient to obtain objective physiological measurements in real life.






HRV has many applications, including for the  individual, corporate health programs, elite athletes (measurement for over-training).

  • Are you able to relax?
  • Are you stressed?
  • Are you getting enough quality sleep?
  • Is your exercise effective?
  • Do you recover enough to stay well and build energy and resources?

A Lifestyle Assessment is a tool for individuals or organisations to promote well-being.  Specific programs can be applied to management as well as larger personnel groups.  Companies who have participated in the Lifestyle Assessment Program have managed to make long-term changes in physical activity habits and overall well-being.

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