17 Oct 2011

Stopping Emotional Eating

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Stress and emotional disturbance can make it difficult to stay on any diet, so its Important to understand the stress triggers that provoke emotional eating

Stopping Emotional Eating

From ‘Emotional Eating to ‘Intuitive Eating’

Researchers with the Institute of HeartMath® and other entities have determined that for a great number of people stress provokes “emotional eating” and weight gain.  Emotional eating, which is simply eating for a reason other than actually being hungry, comprises an estimated 75% of overeating, according to some estimates.


Relying on the HeartMath® Principles

Stopping Emotional Eating:  The emWave® Stress and Weight Management Program, incorporates and is the culmination of Institute of HeartMath’s more than 18 years of research into stress, emotions and heart intelligence.  Although the program is new, its core HeartMath® principles and methodology have been utilised for years by many people around the world for weight loss and control.


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