12 Aug 2013

HeartMath® Interventions – Depletion to Renewal Program

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Depletion to Renewal program includes 4  x 60 minute sessions over four weeks – establish a new baseline for sustained behavioural change

emWave Desktop or emWave2 included (value $249/$229)

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, fatigued, a loss of control?  HeartMath Interventions Program is based on the Institute of HeartMath’s scientific research on the central role of the heart in human emotional experience, on its unique emotion-refocusing and restructuring techniques, and on its award-winning emWave technologies to establish and deepen positive emotional states.


  • Scientifically validated
  • Utilizing a revolutionary new set of tools, techniques and technologies
  • Specific treatment protocols to address a wide range of psychological issues including stress, anxiety, depression
  • Improve your health
  • Map stress and recovery in your daily life
  • Achieve quick and sustainable results

Stress has become omnipresent in our lives.  Generalized stress or anxiety disorders comprise the most frequent diagnosis of modern illness.  From a psycho-physiological perspective, emotions are the main ingredient in our experience of stress; indeed, it is emotions—feelings such as anxiety, irritation, frustration, lack of control, and hopelessness— that people experience when they describe themselves as “stressed.”

Emotions, to a much greater degree than thoughts, activate and drive the physiological changes that correlate with the stress response. The key to sustained attitude and behavioral change is transformation of the deeper, recurring physiological and emotional patterns that give rise to stress-producing perceptions, thoughts and feelings. Without these more fundamental changes, any relief from stress and the resulting system depletion and reduced well-being are likely to be short-lived.

A Lifestyle Assessment can be included as an optional extra at a discounted rate on request



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