The Institute of HeartMath® Research Center is a recognized global leader in emotional physiology, optimal function, resilience and stress-management research.

The center conducts basic research into psychophysiology, neurocardiology and biophysics, and outcome studies in clinical, workplace, educational and military settings, frequently in collaboration with universities, research centers and health-care-system partners. This research has significantly advanced understanding of heart-brain interactions, heart-rate variability (HRV) and heart-rhythm coherence, and the physiology of optimal learning and performance.

Since HeartMath’s inception in 1991, they have been developing and delivering research-based, practical, and reliable tools and technologies that enable people to align and connect their heart, mind and emotions to produce transformative outcomes—with more flow and less stress.

HeartMath® training programs have been delivered with exceptional, documented outcomes in a wide variety of organizations, including Fortune 100 companies, healthcare systems, schools, government agencies, and to tens of thousands of people in pursuit of personal growth or better health.

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