11 Jun 2013

Company Background

Located in the beautiful redwoods of Boulder Creek California, HeartMath® LLC is a spinoff of the original HeartMath organization, the Institute of HeartMath, founded in 1991 by Doc Childre. The Institute’s groundbreaking research on heart/brain communication and the power of coherence, a highly efficient psychological state where all the systems of the body work together in harmony, provide the basis for their scientifically validated products and services.

HeartMath is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on heart coherence, emotional physiology, stress and optimal performance. For more nearly 20 years, HeartMath has made significant contributions to both the scientific and practical understanding of the physiology of stress, heart-brain interactions and performance. This research has led to a deeper awareness of how emotions impact every aspect of our lives, affecting everything from the quality of our health and well-being to our relationships and the decisions we make each day.

The HeartMath System offers scientifically-based and highly effective solutions for reducing stress, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness, and increasing performance. Not surprisingly, research shows that a decrease in stress and anxiety is directly linked to a substantial increase in performance.

HeartMath is the creator of the award winning emWave Personal Stress Reliever® (PSR) and emWave® Desktop Stress Relief System. In 1999 HeartMath broke ground with the introduction of the first affordable consumer stress-reduction technology product using patented heart rhythm feedback called the Freeze-Framer® Interactive Learning System. With updates and advancements, Freeze-Framer has evolved into emWave Desktop which now operates on both PC and Mac computers. The emWave Personal Stress Reliever is the smallest consumers stress relieving device available to date and since it was introduced in July 2006, and has become the leading personal stress reduction technology on the market today.

In July 2007 the emWave Personal Stress Reliever was the recipient of the American Institute of Stress Award for Distinction and Innovation. This award is granted to products and services that have been formally evaluated and validated by the American Institute of Stress. In January 2009 the emWave Personal Stress Reliever (PSR) was the recipient of the Last Gadget Standing People’s Choice Award at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show. In 2009 the emWave PSR was also honored with the Caregiver Friendly Award presented by Today’s Caregiver magazine.

Most recently, at the International Consumer Electronic Show 2011, HeartMath introduced the much anticipated emWave2®. The emWave2 advances the unique handheld emWave stress reliever with new capabilities that allow this mobile device to interface with a computer. This latest emWave technology combines the convenience of a discreet and mobile stress reliever with the sophistication of a computer interface – providing users with several new features including the ability to review, save and track sessions.

Along with the technology, HeartMath’s groundbreaking training programs have become the gold standard in stress intervention and performance-enhancing solutions for individuals, as well as in corporate and healthcare settings and have been proven to increase awareness and productivity while reducing the stress associated with living and working in this era of high-speed change.

HeartMath unveiled at the 2011 Consumer Electronic Show their Revitalize You! program. Previously only available to the corporate customers, Revitalize You!TM is an e-learning program that trains one to respond differently to the stressful situations found at work and in everyday activities.

A self-paced five-week program, Revitalize You! combines the HeartMath award-winning emWave® technology with their highly effective techniques for managing stress and building resilience. Since early 2010 the program has received excellent reviews from HeartMath corporate clients. Employees who completed the five-week course reported an increase in energy, as well as a decrease in anger, depression and anxiety. They also found it easier to sleep at night, enabling them to enjoy life more and perform at their best.

The emWave products are sold in over 50 countries. HeartMath clients include Duke Medical Center, Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, Scripps Integrative Center, BP, Shell, Unilever, Redken, Tennis Corporation of America, Hewlett Packard and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

The leadership at HeartMath LLC is comprised of knowledgeable, dedicated and caring people from many walks of life. Their team is dedicated to helping others — whether it be the top level executives at Fortune 500 companies in New York or a group of families and friends in the neighborhoods of Beijing. Through the devotion of their staff and their network of alliance partners and licensees, the HeartMath team strives to make caring and life enhancing contributions to society through their research, programs and products. The HeartMath System is providing people around the globe with scientifically-validated and practical solutions designed to increase heart coherence, renewed energy and heart-based for all people.

Bruce Cryer, HeartMath LLC President and CEO, brings more than 25 years of experience in business management, human performance and organizational change to HeartMath LLC. Bruce has successfully guided HeartMath programs into the healthcare and corporate arenas, helping to design and oversee projects with their clients such as Duke Medical Center, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, Motorola, CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce), McKinsey, Shell, LifeScan (a Johnson & Johnson company), Cathay Pacific Airways, and the World Bank.

As for future plans at HeartMath, they will continue to provide products and services designed to assist people in transforming stress, increasing their ability to regulate emotional responses and in learning to harness the power of heart/brain communication. Staying focused on the development of scientifically-validated solutions, the HeartMath team is already planning and developing for new products that will incorporate the latest science and innovations enabling people to live more rewarding, healthy and productive lives.

14700 West Park Ave, Boulder Creek, CA 95006
Telephone 800-450-9111


HeartMath and Freeze-Framer are registered trademarks of the Institute of HeartMath. emWave, and Personal Stress Reliever, are registered trademarks of Quantum Intech, Inc. Revitalize You! is a trademark of HeartMath LLC.


Maree Barry, John White and Howard Martin having a delicious lunch at the HeartMath Cafe, Boulder Creek in February 2013.





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