04 Jun 2013

Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress at Work

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Is your job keeping you awake at night and making you feel unhappy? Have you ever had moments where you feel like pulling your hair out or bawling your eyes out at work?

Don’t worry, you are not alone in this arduous ride, and it is okay to feel stressed and overwhelmed with work. A recent study has shown that there are almost 3.2 million Aussies experiencing work-related mental stress and anxiety. And worst of all, 2.9 million admitted that they have sleep deprivation due to their working arrangements, and 2.2 million reported that job stress heavily impacts their ability to live-up to family commitments.

Of course, there are many different ways that people deal with work stress and everyone probably has their own little ‘thing’ that they do to cope with their demanding jobs. However, there has been a rise in unhealthy ways of coping with stress especially amongst younger workers in their early to late 20s. Alcohol consumption, cigarettes and clinical drugs seem to be their regular go-to answer in the ‘war’ against stress, and in the long run it can cause severe damage to their mental and physical health.

We understand that you already have a lot going on in your personal life, and with so much pressure on your hands at work, it adds up to all the madness surrounding your daily life. But there are always better ways to deal with work stress that aren’t detrimental to your health. If you are looking for that change today, here are a couple of healthy ways that you can try implementing into your daily work routine.

1) Take the breaks available to you

Yup, it’s really that simple! Take the breaks that you are entitled to no matter how short it is. It gives you time to relax and take issues off your mind so that you can recharge your energy. Go outside and take a walk around the block or do some light stretching. And don’t forget to take lunch breaks away from your desk so that you can give yourself some separation from work.

2) Build emotional resilience

Even if you are in a demanding environment where your job takes a toll on you, try taking control over your self-confidence and trust that you can manage stress by practicing emotional resilience. There are many ways to enhance your positive energy in constructive ways that can help you beat stress. This skill isn’t developed overnight but with constant practice and positive reinforcement, you will rise once again.

3) Set boundaries that work for you

As part of planning your workflow, you should also set clear boundaries of when is the right time to start and stop work. With all the technology surrounding our daily lives, it is becoming easier to get access to work and emails even when you are supposed to be taking a break. When you are having your downtime at the office, make sure that you are really relaxing and doing something you enjoy instead of worrying about work.

4) Set priorities in your life

You have probably heard this many times over the years, family comes first. And the reason why you should firmly hold on to this believe is because at the end of the day, jobs come and go, and there will always be new work-related challenges and stress every day. But the one constant thing that will never run away from you is the support and love that you get from your family. More often than not, the thought of your loved ones will motivate you and help you focus at work. Try putting photos of your loved ones around your desk!

5) Laughter is the best medicine

When you are on your break, instead of stressing about work, try reading jokes or watching videos that make you laugh! Especially with so many social and video apps on your mobile, it is so easy to access all these light-hearted, fun-filled material. Alternatively, have a coffee break with one of your workmates and have a laugh about non work-related things!

Once you start making these little changes at work, you will see a huge difference in your approach towards work, and most importantly, when you work well, it gives you the opportunity to move up in your career with joy and happiness!

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