Counselling using HeartMath® Interventions for self-regulation and sustained behavioral change.

The HeartMath® Interventions Program is a clinical program using HeartMath® tools and technologies in our therapeutic work with clients. These methods are effective in transforming stress and emotional turmoil into well-being.

The self-regulation techniques, protocols and technologies used guide individuals in establishing a new physiological baseline that results in sustainable perceptual, attitudinal and behavioral changes.

We use specific treatment protocols for:

  1. multi-visit interventions;
  2. one or two visit interventions for various brief counseling and treatment situations;
  3. group therapy interventions; and
  4. interventions for young children.

Based on twelve years of best practices and results seen by practitioners who have used HeartMath technologies with thousands of clients and patients, the program helps us achieve desired results more quickly.

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