We use various methodologies including brain based coaching drawn from neuroscience, positive psychology and HeartMath scientifically validated tools and techniques that can help people of all ages renew energy, gain greater mental and emotional balance and build and sustain resilience. Sustained practice of HeartMath® tools and techniques has been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety and worry, improve relationships, decision-making, problem-solving, health and overall well-being, helping individuals deal more effectively with life’s many challenges.

Benefits for Those You Mentor/Coach

Individuals learn to become better at handling the day-to-day challenges and stressors that often leave them depleted. Using these skills has been shown to provide a wide range of long-term benefits, including:


  • resilience, vitality and overall well-being
  • mental clarity for decision-making, problem-solving and planning
  • emotional awareness and sensitivity to relationship issues
  • ability to maintain or reestablish composure in challenging situations
  • ability to communicate more effectively
  • cooperation among co-workers and team members


  • worry, overwhelm and feelings of anxiousness
  • sleeplessness and fatigue
  • generalized stress and physical symptoms of stress
  • miscommunications

Clients are supported by:

  • assisting them to identify goals
  • helping to expand their awareness and identifying primary sources of stress that cause energy drains.
  • introducing energy self-regulation techniques.
  • providing strategies that help them find their own solutions.
  • helping develop a plan to integrate the resilience-building skills in their daily routines and offering objective feedback.
  • ensuring that they stick to their practice plans and are able to achieve sustainable results
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