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Websites (performance management based on neuroscience) Reports Sick at Work: The cost of presenteeism to your business and the economy The Cost of Workplace Stress in Australia August 2008 Working Towards Wellness: Accelerating the prevention of chronic disease  Articles Nature vs Nurture by Dr Alyssa Barry Academic Papers www.david – resources NeuroLeadership on.. read more →

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Training Centre Elite Health offers innovative, cutting edge, interactive programs that will challenge your thinking and stretch and inspire you.  We create engaging online content leading to improved performance and behaviour which delivers true learning outcomes for our clients.  Instructed by industry experts who are passionate about your personal and professional development. Why take an online course?.. read more →

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We deliver service to maximise the value of your human talent using cutting edge, scientifically validated tools, technologies and programs. All services are delivered by a dedicated team of professionals. • Health Assessment • Health Management • Developing Leadership • Consulting (Reporting and Evaluation) • Training & Workshops • Coaching • Profiling • Elite Retreats We offer a range of services from health.. read more →

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17 Apr 2013
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Maree McKeown’s pace, style and knowledge can not be faulted…

“Maree’s pace, style and knowledge could not be faulted, she is an excellent trainer.” Participant feedback ICT “Great mix, very energetic.” Participant feedback Australia Post Leadership Program “I can’t recommend enough the coaching Maree has provided me over the past few months. Not only did I receive specification assistance and practical advice around my goals.. read more →

Maree Barry brings a very positive and proactive approach to her coaching…

“Maree brought a very positive and proactive approach to her coaching. What I really appreciated was the way she encouraged and focused me, but gave  emotional support and space as I negotiated and traversed a very challenging time in my life.  In this role she generously shared from her extensive and practical tool kit, her depth of experience across fields of.. read more →

The leader as follower

by Maree McKeown I was discussing with one of my clients that one of the important reasons for actively influencing your manager is to personally experience its merits.  To truly understand what it is like for a direct report to provide upward feedback, the manager needs to be using the same process for themselves with their own manager… read more →

Why all the fuss about workplace leadership?

by Maree McKeown For anyone who has ever been under a manager who has not handled their people well will immediately understand the dangers of poor workplace leadership capacity. Not only does it undermine individual performance, which impacts negatively on business performance, but poor leadership can also lead to higher levels of sick leave, stress.. read more →

5 Easy Ways to Improve Employee Morale without Breaking the Bank

Remember the time when you were just stepping out into the workforce as a young and hopeful individual? All you wanted was to start building your career in an environment where people were friendly, work was fun, and opportunities were endless. Well, now that you are more experienced and have been in the workforce for.. read more →

Nature Vs Nurture

by Dr. ALYSSA E. BARRY BSc (Hons) PhD In an age of media access, most people are aware that lifestyle choices greatly influence health outcome. For example smoking causes lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. However, few people understand the mechanisms by which lifestyle or environment can affect ones health. From the time that the.. read more →

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